Link Service
How Link Service will work?

Where GSRTC will not run direct service, user will be suggested with possible short distance to reach his/her destination.

How Services will be listed in site?

You have to search from place to place in the e booking site, if the service is not available system will automatically provide the option to search for link service. The passenger has to enter the preferable via place to reach the destination. The system will display two onward journey availability lists one from origin to via place and second one from via place to destination. The passenger can select the desired two services to reach the destination. The system will print two tickets after making the necessary payment.

How much time gap will be there between break places?

There will be minimum 2 hours gap will be there break place.

Is there any extra fare collected for Link Service mode booking?

No, fares will be calculated as per online booking terms & conditions.

Are the Link service tickets are transferrable?

Link service booked tickets are non-transferable.

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