Terms and Conditions
Child Fare Criteria:
  • Free ticket for 0-4 year’s child.
  • Half ticket for age 5 to 11 years child.
  • Full ticket for age greater than 12.

Cancellation Charges:
  • 0-1 Day cancellation charges 25 % of basic fare.
  • 2-5 Day cancellation charges 20 % of basic fare.
  • 6-10 Day cancellation charges 15 % of basic fare.
  • 11-60 Day cancellation charges 10 % of basic fare.

  • No cancellation will be allowed after departure of bus from original place.
  • Refund will not be given in case of any mistake by user during the ticket booking.

Reservation Charges:
  • From 16-01-2014 GSRTC had reduced reservation charges for Luxury, Sleeper, AC and Volvo services.
  • Reservation Charges for Express / Gurjarnagri is Rs. 5/-, Luxury / Sleeper is Rs. 5/-, A.C. IS Rs. 5/-, Volvo is Rs. 5/-.
  • Services will be available for 60 days advance booking. Trip sheet will be prepared before 30 minutes of departure. Passengers can book their tickets till the preparation of the trip sheet.

Stop Booking Timings:
  • Booking will be stopped in between 23:50 to 00:20.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience...

E-Ticket Refund Complaint Link:
  • To raise complaint regarding Refund Click Refund Complaint Link and provide your Online Booking reference number / PNR No / Email ID / Mobile number.
  • Compliant on Home Page Pravasi Online Compliant With PNR no Reason for Refund.
  • GSRTC Toll Free No.: 1800 233 666 666 / 07922835000

  • GSRTC facilitates 10% on return journey and 5% for group booking as discount. if book before 6 hour of departure time from origin point.

Sleeper Note:
  • Please go through the last five characters of service / trip code.
  • SLP15 represents sleeper service and birth nos.
  • SLP30 represents seating service and seat nos.
  • i.e.
  • 1925SRTRJTSLP30 Means Seating Service.
  • 1925SRTRJTSLP15 Means Sleeper Service.

Instructions to Avoid Fail Transaction:
  • E-Ticket User has to take care of following points to avoid fail transaction.
    1. User should never press either Forward or Back buttons during the transactions.
    2. User should never refresh the page during the transactions.
    3. Please ensure the reliable Internet Connectivity during entire transaction.
    4. Ensure whole transaction should be completed within 15 minutes otherwise Seat might have got released.

E-Ticket General Instructions:
  • If E-ticket is not generated and payment is deducted from users account then first he should be check "View E-Ticket Booking History" in his user account. If Ticket is there or not.

  • If Ticket is not save there then after application should be made at “E-Ticket Contact Address and E-Mail Id" Tab for E-Ticket Refund Compliant on Pravashi Online Compliant on Home Page.

  • Please be Present at your Pickup Points 15 minutes before departure time

Print/SMS Ticket Issue:

Please check below links.

  • In the Home page "Print / SMS Ticket" link.
  • Or call to Toll free number (1800 233 666666 / 07922835000) to provide the duplicate of SMS / Email.
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