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Sr. No. Name Online Tender Notice 08-02-2018 Tender Schedule B-3 08-02-2018
1.  G.I. Hollow Pipe,
2.  H.H. Bolt & M.S. "U" Bolt,
3.  H.H.M.S. Self Locking Nut,
4.  Complete Upholstered Seat Set,
5.  Toughened & Laminated Glass,
6.  EPDM Rubber,
7.  Led Roof Light With Reverse Action Basis, Only for Manufacture.
8.  Aluminum Rivet,
9.  Fire Extinguisher,
10.  Readymade Window Set.
11.  M.S. Material,
12.  G.P. Sheet & Coil,
13.  Pre Painted G.P. Sheet,
14.  Spring and Punch Washer without Reverse Auction Basis.
15.  Door Lock,
16.  Conductor Bell Hinges & Silicon Base Anti Skid,
17.  M.S. Perforated Sheet,
18.  P.U. Base Sealant,
19.  Rubber Canvas Packing Strip,
20.  M.S. Welding Rod,
21.  Cable & Wire without Reveres Auction.
22.  All Purpose Adhesive,
23.  Retro Reflective tape without Reverse Action Basis.
24.  Pneumatic Power Assembly.
25.  Portable Electric Drill Machine.
26. Compressed Wooden Both Side Plain Floor Board Only From Manufacturer          And With Reverse Auction Basis.
27.  Wiper Assay & Its Parts
28.  Pop Riveting Gun
29.  Purchase of tools on without reverse auction basis.
30. Tyre rethreading material (cold process) only from manufacturer and with         reverse auction basis.
31.  Purchase of spanner & tools on without reverse auction basis.
32.  Toughened & laminated glass for only for manufacturer with reverse auction.
33.  Seat refine (cg-07) from manufacturers without reverse auction basis.
34.  White Cream Wove Printing paper for bus tickets with reverse action basis.
35. Stickers / Radium Strips for Super Express Bus & Gurjar Nagri Bus to Be         Supplied And Applied Basis.
36. Mirror for Only Manufacturer or Dealer/Distributor of Government Registered         Manufacturer Without Reverse Auction Basis.
37. Synthetic Tar felt & Adhesive Tap for Manufacturer or Dealer / Distributor of         Government Registered Manufacturer without Reverse Auction Basis.
38. Weather Shield for Manufacturer or Dealer / Distributor of Government         Registered Manufacturer with Reverse Auction Basis.
39. Purchase of Oil & Grease Only From Manufacturer and With Reverse Auction         Basis.
40.  Thermal Paper Roll for ele. Ticketing Machine, With Reverse Auction.
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